The first page inked entirely by Josh Medcalf! Round of applause in my opinion.



Sorry about the radio silence folks, in case anyone’s wondering we decided to go dark again for a bit…Jake and I are both super busy at the moment trying to make those cash-mons everybody’s talking about. To all of our 4 diehard fans: don’t stress out, we’re still planning on getting all of Issue 2 out by the end of the year…we just can no longer afford to worry about getting out a page every week on time. So that element is probably going to go away for a little while, until we get officially caught up. You might see a new page every now and then, just pay attention to your RSS feed. Also, Issue 1′s been done for a while now and we still don’t have it in printed form yet, for anybody who doesn’t enjoy eye strain. So we need to shift that into the priority zone. I want to announce details on how to get your hands on printed issues by the end of September at least.

So don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. I like this page a lot so I thought it was a good place to leave off for now.

See you in silico,